Travelling The Sacred Sound Current: Keys For Conscious Evolution

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Visit Deborah's Facebook Page: Deborah Van Dyke-Travelling the Sacred Sound Current KEYS TO THE SACRED SCIENCE OF SOUND - This book is an important sound healing resource for the 21st Century with its extensive contribution of spiritual sound wisdom from a wide spectrum of world cultures. Combining the esoteric with the therapeutic, it explores sound as a vibrational tool for self healing, sacred creation and higher consciousness. A blend of the mystical and the practical, it covers ancient wisdom teachings, sound healing practices for inner attunement, and the use of voice and crystal singing bowls for expanded awareness, healing, and transformation. Whatever stage of your journey, Travelling the Sacred Sound Current offers an energy-shifting, soul-enriching experience.

With beautiful full color illustrations throughout and saturated with quotes of the foremost mystics and sound masters, this is a rare work of art that you will consult over and over again.

For optimum experience, read in conjunction with listening to the book's companion CD: Travelling the Sacred Sound Current: Divine Chants & Sacred Tones for Healing and Meditation (also available from

An important work with her decipherment of harmonic knowledge from a wide spectrum of world cultures. The sacred use of voice and breath, overtones and harmonics...are all woven intelligibly and discussed by Deborah as the multi-colored rays of a basic understanding that emanate from a single source. Deborah's heart and soul-felt connection to the use of sound in healing is explored in great depth with chapters on her experiential application of Crystal Singing Bowls and Peruvian Whistling Vessels as instruments for healing. Whether embarking for the first time or a studied student of the esoteric, Travelling the Sacred Sound Current will touch and nourish the soul's longing for knowledge and connection to the whole. As such, Deborah's book is a deep transmission of beauty. Daniel K. Statnekov, Author, Animated Earth

Entering into the living experience of Travelling the Sacred Sound Current is an invitation to commence on a sound vision quest involving all levels of our physical, mental and emotional bodies. It requires reading with heart and mind as Spirit opens doors to new dimensions. Each chapter is a step in travelling the sound current to the inner world of your own magic voice chamber where you can consciously reclaim your voice, your tone, and come into attunement with life's eternal OM. The gifts of Deborah's voice, book and CD allow you to touch into her passion as she shares sacred chants, mantras, crystal bowls, and ancient vessels for your awakening. Dorothy Williams, Reiki Master Teacher & Pranic Healer

This book imbibes more than knowledge, by creating an experiential, transpersonal journey through the mystical visions of cosmic consciousness, and provides portals to connect with the Divine. When the chapters are read concurrent with meditating to the companion CD, the reader is able to experience the effects of sound on her mental status and physical well-being. Stress can melt away, and pain be diminished, as a shift in consciousness takes place. I highly recommend this book and its companion CD to health care professionals, their patients and, indeed, anyone who wishes to purse a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Stephen M. Sagar, Oncologist and Associate Professor of Medicine, McMaster University; Founding Director of the Complementary Medicine Section of the Ontario Medical Association

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